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2018 Youth Art Contest

by Sara Vacek

We were thrilled with the participation in our first annual youth art contest! Those who attended our 2018 annual meeting in Glyndon were treated to a display of fun and varied art work from over 90 youth, from pre-school to high school ages.

A huge thanks to our judges, Phil Doll, Rebecca Esser, Ross Heir, Emily Hutchins, and Terry Lydell. We are also very grateful to the parents and teachers who encouraged their kids to submit a masterpiece.

Awards were given in two age categories. Coal Ward was the 12 and Under winner with a watercolor of a booming prairie chicken. Lydia Bright was the over 12 winner with her poem, “The Courtship of the Prairie Chicken”. Congratulations to both!

Information about the 2019 art contest can be found here.

What a joy to see the connection our youth have to prairies and prairie chickens.  Kids these days!

Coal Ward 2018 winner.jpg

The Courtship of the Prairie Chicken

by Lydia Bright

Out on the prairie, the chickens strut;

Their stops and dances are their rut,

Inflated air sacs and deep booms in the air, cut.


Ears go up and they listen to the sound;

Their feathers are moving with a pound.

Their beauty and rhythm shakes the ground!


Now here comes the cock in the middle, the king;

All the other guys will get kicked out of the ring,

Just wait until they feel his sting.


The hen in the center gives him a glare;

But, he knows she cannot resist his flare,

So the two join together and to the nest soon she will care.

2018 winners_edited.jpg
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