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"Chickens of the Sea" DVD
by Steve Furman (7 min.)

. . . Sea of grass, that is. "Chickens of the Sea" is intended specifically for children. Environmental, naturalist and wildlife groups are concerned that young people aren't interested in the Great Outdoors. By making wildlife films that are upbeat, entertaining, humorous, and accessible, Furman hopes to introduce younger generations to the beauty and wonder of nature.

$10 each + S&H

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Show your prairie chicken pride! Hats feature an embroidered MPCS logo on the front, a feather on the left side, tracks on the right side, "Our business is booming" on the bill, and "MPCS" on the back strap. Available in Hunter Orange or Olive or Gray. 

$20 each + S&H

Hunter Orange - Temp out of stock
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Blue stocking cap  - temp out of stock
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5" Decal $5 each (includes shipping)
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